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            Bill Davis

MLB Scout, Owner DSA

USA Futures, Team California

Nic Gregson Pitches a NO-NO on March 17, 2018 against El Camino H.S. MILB Raley Field. 

11/SO 2/W 0/H 0/R  5 innings complete game. (13-0) W


                  In the Lab

Where we use Pitch Logic, and video to work on metric numbers, and analytics. Instant feed back makes you get better faster.

30 minutes Lab session 40$ Comes with video breakdowns, and pitch chart spread sheet.

70$ for the Hour.

 Bennett Ohara       


    High Velo 


     Dusty Baker,

"He's the Professor, when it comes to teaching the art of pitching "

  One-On-One  Personal  Training  


   Fill out information below, and request a time slot, for either {in the Lab} or {for a pen}. Each slot is broken down to 30 dollars for an half hour- 50 dollars per hour for outside bullpen.  $40 an half hour/70$ per hour for the LAB

     As I receive each request I will reply to you with availability. You will again be emailed once your spot has been reserved. 

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