​4 time All-Star

Greg Vaughn

MLB Pitcher & BPA Owner

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2 Time World Series Champion

​                  Andy Fox

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​When I was 9 years old, I came to Coach Todd with a pitching arsenal consisting of only a fastball, and a change-up that crossed the plate when I got lucky. Quickly he taught me how to be accurate, and grew my arsenal. I currently have 8 different pitches that coach has taught me, but more importantly his expertise has given me the knowledge to know when, why, and how to use them.

Coach Todd works with me on velocity, accuracy, deception, and mind set. We condition not only physically, but mentally as well. Unlike other coaches I  have had Coach Todd cares about my longevity, and instructs me on how to take care of my baseball body. Coach Todd started as just my pitching coach, but now after 5 years our relationship has evolved, he is my mentor, friend, and I consider him to be part of my family.

     J.T. Estep

* TODD G. SULLIVAN: Current Pitching Coach For Baseball Performance Academy (BPA). Pitching Evaluator for USA  Futures Team California. Pitching coach for John F. Kennedy High School. Pitching Coach for PWBL Summer Collegiate  team, The Sacramento M's. Host of the Sacramento Dugout Show.

* Todd G. Sullivan: has over 40 years of coaching experience, including specialties in Pitch Location and Control. Todd has mastered the art of painting the Black, and giving you the confidence to put any pitch right where you need it. 

* Todd teaches Total Control from mastering  the inside pitch, and pitch location, to self confidence, and mound control. Todd has the skills and knowledge to get you where you need to be. Including: The mental side, arm care, Proper Mechanics, and strategy for keeping those batters on their heels, and you in control.